DJ Aldez was born and raised in Hoboken, NJ. Growing up as a kid he always admired his older brother Felix a.k.a DJ Indio’s DJ abilities and love for music. DJ Aldez would sit in the room with his brother blasting freestyle, old school hip hop, and Latin music. It was not until his freshman year in college that DJ Aldez realized he would be following in his late Brother DJ Indio’s footsteps. With his brother in a better place, DJ Aldez was forced to teach himself the ropes and learn the art of DJing on his own. He takes great pride in the fact that he has taught himself the skills necessary to become a successful DJ.

DJ Aldez’s love for music and Djing is unquestioned. He has worked hard over the years to master his mixing skills which are prevalent in his performances and live mixes. His skills earned him a featured posting on CLUBDANCEMIXES, a website dedicated to sharing mixes and remixes from the best DJs around. He has also worked alongside some of the top DJs in the area including DJ David S, DJ Toro, DJ Yonny, Carlos Melange and many more. DJ Aldez loves to keep his crowds dancing and having a great time. Currently you can find him rocking the crowd as a resident DJ at The West Five Supper Club in Hoboken.


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